Our Plans…Not

Today, we hurriedly set out to go to the grocery. It is time for our monthly grocery to replenish milk, diaper, toiletries, and all. We wanted to go last night but since Typhoon Ramon was scheduled to hit the province of Negros Occidental, we decided to let our plans go.

We preferred doing it in the morning because we were supposed to go to Gaisano City and then SM but because of the heavy Masskara Festival traffic at night, it was better to go in the morning.

I woke up late because I slept around 3am after doing some tasks. So we hurriedly prepared. To top it all off, we have orders for 800 pcs of calling cards due tomorrow. But we also need milk.

Anyway, with that, two parties imposed their plans on ours. That was fine because we tried as much as we can to accommodate them. The first part didn’t turn out well, with the other person getting irked that we were rushing things. I dismissed it because I just didn’t to make a big fuss. I even apologized but in the end, I was still ranted at through text. I want to retort but decided to let it go.

While we were at Gaisano, we were requested with another detour. This time, it took a longer time but we gladly accommodated even though we knew that we still had to go to SM, work was waiting for us, and I still had to feed Dindin.

In the end, this party also got irked with us.

I am not sure if I am getting this. We had plans and people barged in on us and we tried to accommodate. In the end, they did not like how we wanted things done.

Sometimes, we forget that we ask for favors, it is just that–a favor. Sometimes, we tend to “demand” even if we are the ones just requesting. Sigh…

But anyway, I did not let that dampen my spirits. I have a child to take care of and work to do. Those were just that–detours.

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