Our Spa Natura Swedish Massage Treat

PhotobucketThanks to Miss Jen and Tito Monet, Dennis and I had our Swedish Massage at the Lotus Suite of Spa Natura. It was just lovely. That is our couple’s massage room above.

Dennis was coughing and so he spent some time in the Steam Room. I waited for him at the Lotus Suite while relaxing in their comfortable lazy boy and reading a magazine. But soon after he joined me and we prepared for our massage.

The Spa Natura Swedish Massage is I think the best Swedish Massage in Bacolod City. I love it because it is very relaxing. And their routine really satisfies me. I have tried the Swedish Massage before in other spas and I am not satisfied. But I so like theirs that whenever I have a massage, I now request for a Swedish massage.

After a little more than an hour of kneading and stroking, my husband and I were offered juice, coffee, and shortbread. Loved it!

Below is the jacuzzi at Spa Natura. At the left side is the private shower, toilet, and vanity area.
PhotobucketWe went home refreshed and raring to work again.

Sometimes I would feel guilty for getting a massage because let’s face it, that will eat some dough. But honestly, after a massage, I think I could do a lot of things because I am refreshed and energized. And my mind is also working well because it was relaxed for a bit. You know, I really should do this more often. I guess once a month would not hurt me.

Here is another view of our room while I was standing near the private bath and jacuzzi. You may notice that the lazy boy is located at the far end. You can take advantage of the Lotus Room with their VIP Packages that could last up to eight hours! That is like spending time at a hotel complete with relaxation and beauty therapies!

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