Our Very Early Jollibee Breakfast Meal

Jollibee breakfast meal of pan de sal sandwich, hot cocoa, and brewed coffee.

Hubby and I woke up a little before 4am because Dindin had a coughing spiel and we had to give her some cough remedy. Dindin is sick and we are trying to manage her illness. The simple way out would be to give her antibiotics but since we opted not to, we are giving everything that will boost her immune system and to ease the symptoms.

Anyway, I opened my computer and saw that I had more orders. Hooray! I am so happy for all these provisions. But then by 5am, I was already hungry and my stomach is really churning. I asked my husband to get us some food from Jollibee. Actually, I always say that whenever I get to wake up early but instead of buying, I would end up cooking breakfast so that we will not have to spend extra money for the meal.

But this time, I had work to do so I don’t want to get up from what I was doing in order to make breakfast. Additionally, I was really craving for hot cocoa. I told my husband that I would like a pancake sandwich or hash brown burger. As it turned out, both items are no longer in the menu. But since my cellphone was in silent mode, my husband could not reach me. So he just decided on buying the pan de sal meal that had egg and sausage inside. At P51, it came with a drink that could either be coffee or hot cocoa. I love it! This is the first time that I tried this Jollibee breakfast meal and I so love it.

Before the meal, we prayed together and then enjoyed our early breakfast.

We will have to again find something to do together. Hmmm…maybe we should play boardgames or yoyos. That would be fun and inexpensive. As long as we do it together and we are happy, I think that is what matters the most. 😀

One thought on “Our Very Early Jollibee Breakfast Meal”

  1. the family matters talaga in everything you do basta sama2..go lang ng go!
    i love jollibee pancake…and yung corn beef nila..
    oi napanuod mo ba dati si Yoyo tricker ng Talentadong pinoy?
    so coolll!!! as in mommy lo…

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