Our Wedding Rings

When my husband and I got married, we decided to have our wedding rings custom-made. Not that we were really fussy, but we know that having them made costs so much less than buying ready made rings in jewelry shops.

So we went to a local maker named Rod, and his shop is called Rod’s, apparently referring to him. Our rings were made of 14 carat yellow gold with three small diamonds on each one. The surface is curved and the rings had small groove on either side. The design is actually very common but we like it.

Workmanship is not so good, as compared to those machine made rings, but it is already good enough for us. I dunno how to measure the quality of the stones either so it doesn’t matter. We are so happy with the results because we paid only a very minimal amount, which is P12,000 or only $300 for already 2 rings! I love my ring!

P.S. Our wedding rings look like the one pictured above.

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