Pancit Shanghai for Midnight Snack

It’s almost midnight and I still have a lot of work to do. So I complained to my husband that I am hungry. He asked me what I wanted and I said I wanted pizza, siopao, and KFC french fries. So specific eh? hehe

Actually, if we really wanted, he could have gotten out and drove to the nearest pizza shack (which is about a block away from our house) because they close at 1am. Or he could go to KFC, which is about two blocks away. The only exception would be siopao, because the fastfood chains don’t sell it.

But well, we thought about the budget and instead settled for an instant noodle meal–Payless Pancit Shanghai. Instead of cooking the two packs on the stove, I cooked it in the microwave oven so that I will not have to use a lot of kitchenware. And well, the microwave cooks fast.

In just a few minutes, my husband and I were sharing the noodles and some white bread on our bed while our daughter is already fast asleep. teehee

I could probably work well in a restaurant for the fact that I could whip up something pretty fast. Or maybe I should check out the Restaurant Manager Jobs available and see which one I can handle? LOL

Ahhh…when it is about food, I can think of crazy things. But honestly, I just want to cook and eat. I want anything to do with food pleasurable. I don’t like the stress and the pressure that goes with managing a resto. hehe

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