Panicking on the First Working Day

Today is the first official working day of the year 2011.

I saw official because except for those industries that never close like the hotel and hospital, pretty much all offices open today. Or at least later today.

But I have deadlines that should have been met last week during the holidays. But instead of working, I partied. hahaha Not that I have any regrets because I was able to celebrate and spend time with family and friends.

The sad part is that instead of being able to work when I get home, I could not because it was either I was already too sleepy or because I had some alcohol consumption. Tsk. tsk…bad.

Now I am trying to finish my work. I have an 8-page newsletter to finish and I have two meetings later today. I slept around 1am just awhile ago and woke up three hours later to a loud thud. I had to work on putting my baby back to sleep and by the time she did, I could no longer go back to sleep. So I might just as well continue working.

But now I am tempted to gallivant and try to play. Okay, I say tempted because I am not really the betting time because I am not a risk taker. I do not even consider myself as a businesswoman because I am afraid to take risks. Even my investments are on medium risk scale. Yep, no stocks for me because I could not take checking stock values that go up and down everyday. hehe

Oh well…Argggh…I need to work but could not seem to focus. Would playing help?

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