Papa and Dindin Night Out

I met with a of mommy bloggers here in Bacolod City at the Gaisano City tonight. So Dennis left me at the mall to finish some shopping. He brought Dindin to SM because he said he wanted to get me a Christmas gift and he could not do that because we are always together. teehee So I guess tonight was his only opportunity.

They ate popcorn and french fries together and I dunno where else they went. I just know that they went to CDR-King. haha

Oh well, Dennis said that he did get me the gift but it is still not wrapped. I am so excited that I don’t want to wait for Christmas to open my gift. But I am ashamed because my daughter is willing to wait for Christmas morning to open hers. haha

So I guess, I too have to wait.

Merry Christmas everyone!

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