Pastor Joe Nelms and his “Smokin’ Hot Wife”

I read about the story of Pastor Joe Nelms who led the opening prayer to the NASCAR pre-race event. While the pastor thanked the sponsors and even his family, he also gave thanks to his “smokin’ hot wife.”

According to the story, his wife Lisa and his daughter laughed so hard about it. Pastor Joe said that it wasn’t scripted and the prayer just came out. All he wanted to do was to encouraged people to take a look at church in a different light. I think I understand what he tried to do–he was trying to make church relevant to the NASCAR fans who are listening to the prayer. And I love how he exalted his wife on national TV. Coming from him, I think it was also part of his adoration to his wife. I think that was sweet.

Anyway, if you are wondering how Pastor Joe Nelms and his wife Lisa along with two kids look like, here is the Nelms family photo.

PhotobucketBut way to go Pastor Joe. God bless you, your family, and your ministry! Indeed who needs a sexy body with such an adoring husband! LOL

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