Paying for Someone to Watch You During Private Moments

Couples who are dissatisfied with their intimate lives could now consult a coach who will help them improve their performance in bed. Picture is Eric Amaranth of New York City.

There is a new profession that is gaining a lot of practitioners and also customers–s3x coach. No, they do not just give counseling or therapy with regards to being intimate with your spouse–they actually watch you do it and then give comments. Yes, they are sort of the third wheel in the bedroom.

While a lot of satisfied customers swear to having been helped, I still could not imagine having somebody watch me “perform” with my husband. LOL Really. Sorry, I guess I am living in the dark ages but still. I think that the act is between the husband and wife–a private moment of intimacy that will enable you to connect not only on the physical level but also on the emotional and spiritual level. And I guess I don’t need an audience for that.

If any or both partners need medical assistance for incapacity, then they should see a medical doctor who can prescribe appropriate medications. And well, they don’t look inside the bedroom. No amount of luminaire lighting or dim lighting would ever make me comfortable. LOL

The cost of hiring these s3x coaches is also a downside, at least for me. It costs $240 an hour! Imagine that. Even if I have a lot of money, I don’t think I would want to hire his services.

Oh well, if people think that they are helped by s3x coaches like Eric Amaranth of New York City then that is their call. I just hope that with this and the amount of money involved, divorce rates would be lowered. But then again, marriage isn’t just about intimacy. So if this doesn’t work, then maybe you should look at other angles.

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