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As a guy, I also have a lot of concerns with my hair because of my facial features. Not a lot of styles suit me so for many years of my life, I just grew my hair long and tied it at the back into a ponytail. Sometimes, I didn’t even bother to comb. There was even a time that I grew it until way past my waist. Recently though, I went to Sports Barbers at SM City Bacolod and I was happy with the way they cut my hair. The style was great for me. And comfortable, too, as it was easy to maintain.

As for my wife, she always has lot of complaints. She likes to grow her hair long but stress and the years are already catching up on her that it results to hair loss. The best thing that she could do is cut it to a manageable length and then tie it all at the back. She also doesn’t like it but she said she also doesn’t like when hair gets to her face so ponytail it is.

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I guess if it weren’t too hot, she would want to wear good quality wigs. That way, she can have any hairstyle that she likes, including long curly ones. There are good quality wigs online, however, the problem with us here is that the weather can be really hot and excessively humid. She can’t even wear a hat because it can give her a headache.

good quality wigs
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But for those who would like to have these nice wigs, just visit They have so many styles and colors to choose from. And the great thing is, they are so affordable. So go get the hairstyle that you want for any and every occasion.

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