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Yey! In my excitement, I was able to make this new personalized header for Marriage Markers in a jiffy.

When I looked for photos of Dennis and myself, I realized that the only photos that we had that we are a couple were those before Dindin was born. Sadly. So well, I just put her our wedding photo (which is part of our wedding album) and a couple of photos taken at the Ruins in Talisay City and then at Palmas del Mar. So okay, these photos are when I was still thinner okay? Not exactly thin, just thinner than I am now. The “Happy Wife, Happy Life” thingy was something that I got from the internet. I was doing the layout of Terra Nova Subdivision and was looking for images for “Happy Life” when this thing popped so I thought why not include in my header?

So I hope you guys like my new header and I really hope that I can build up this blog and post more stuff and photos. 😀

God bless you all!

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