Pesky Ants

I hate ants. I cannot describe it enough. I couldn’t even look at their photo as I was trying to look for one to accompany this post.

And the bad thing is, there are just too many of them in the house. No matter how much we kill them and dispose of food and garbage properly, they keep on coming back. I also used that kind of poison using a mixture of baking soda and powdered sugar, but they seem to keep on multiplying.

Tonight when I saw some ants that found their way inside our bedroom, I said enough waiting for the other ant poison to work. I went outside armed with an insecticide spray and a victor torch. I started spraying from the top most step of the stairs and went all the way down the ground floor, following 40 steps and looking at every nook and cranny, tracing every trail.

While I could not reach the hidden areas, I sprayed wherever I could–even under the stairs. And because I did that, mists of the insecticide showered over me that I had to take a bath and shampoo my hair tonight after doing that! Talk about effort!

But I did that in order to protect my kids from ants. There are just too many and last time, so many of them crawled under my baby’s bed that I was scared sh*tless! Dindin also has a lot of ant bites. I think I used half of the contents of the can of spray. But I shall not stop. Tomorrow I shall check again if they came back.

2 thoughts on “Pesky Ants

    1. yun na talaga sis! grabe kinilabutan ako that night. not only because of the ants but also because of the protection upon her. The ants went under her cloth diaper in between her comforter but not a single one went to her! talk about divine protection!

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