Phone In Insurance

Because I have four credit cards from three different banks and a good credit score, insurance companies are always calling me for phone in insurance offers.

I hate to be rude, but sometimes, they really take so much of my time and would not accept no for an answer the first time. Sometimes, I will just have to sound rushed and tell them that I have to go ASAP because my daughter is calling for me. This is actually true because I know they would hear my baby crying on the background.

Most of the time, what they are offering is just medical travel insurance. Whereas I do not undermine the importance of such, and usually their offers are really low and pretty good, what I don’t like is the fact that they will ask you to sign up right there and then on the phone.

If you are amenable to the costs, the cost will then be immediately charged to your credit card. You are not allowed to think it over or you are not given time to consult your spouse, which is really necessary when making decisions like that. I don’t make purchases like insurances and investments without first asking my husband about it. While Dennis would just usually agree to what I decide, I still think that it is just my respect for him that enables me to make him a part of our family’s decision making process.

Just to make a sale, the call center agent would sometimes tell me to just get for myself first and then “we will just add the husband” after he is okay with it. Imagine that. Anything just to make a sale even if what they are suggesting could lead to the ruining of a marriage.

Anyway, another concern is that they expect you to say yes to their offer but they are not willing to send reading materials about their proposal. It is like they will call you, “Hey, man get an insurance from me.” And then you will have to decide and say yes. I think that is absurd. Before signing or agreeing to anything you have to read about it and think about it. They did not want to send any reading materials because they said that it is just an offer for phone in clients.

I wonder if people are really signing up for their ambush phone in insurance offers? That is really absurd. I just wish that they will stop bugging me. I would never agree to something like that without papers.

Even for my insurance policies, I have papers but could not remember all the benefits, how much more these phone in offers? Not for me, thank you.

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