Planning for Renovations to Make a Pink Room

Isn’t this a lovely room with different shades of pink? So breezy. A Barbie kind of room. Photo from the internet.

By now, most of you know that I am about to give birth and we are going to have a second girl. So that means, we will have two princesses in the house already! 😀

We will be given an extra room here in the house so we plan to have our current bedroom renovated and then give it to our two daughters. Since they are girls, I have decided it is going to be a pink room. While I am thinking of painting all the walls pink, the ceiling white, and the cabinets, shelves, and doors purple, I am also looking at the pictures of other pink rooms on the net and I am seeing how nicely they have arranged their pink rooms.

Most have combine white and different shades of pink. They just used darker colors as accents. Ohhhh I love them. And I am sure that my eldest Dindin will go crazy with their new pink room. I am so happy to be able to do this for them. 😀

Here is another one that is mostly white with tinges of pink, magenta, red, and violet. Nice, too. 😀 Photo from the internet.

With this renovation, we will have to soon buy a double deck bed and maybe install new cabinets for the girls. So we will have to buy new stuff such as shelves, a dresser, cabinets, and handles. We will have to use folding pull handles to avoid bumps and bruises, especially for the younger daughter. 😀

Ohhhhh I am sooooo excited! haha Just look at the photos that I got from the net. Aren’t they lovely? 😀

7 thoughts on “Planning for Renovations to Make a Pink Room

  1. it’s always exciting to renovate rooms. i’m also wanting to renovate a room in our house for my son naman.goodluck on your renovation!

  2. My teen daughter’s room is in pink and lavander, and I am telling you sis, it seems that I enjoyed the renovation tasks than my daughter hehhehe

  3. I’m fascinated with the color. It was lovely. The first time we renovated, we made a few mistakes that really cost us. This time we’re going to do our homework first is to renovate our daughter’s room to a PINKY ROOM . 😉

    1. Awwww… I wonder what went wrong? I never thought something could go wrong. We are not hiring an architect to do it. We are just going to hire a painter. hehe Now, I am thinking. hehe

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