Planning Our Baby’s First Birthday Party

My first baby is going to celebrate her first birthday in three months. Whereas others may think that it is still too early to plan, we don’t have a lot of money to spare and so we have to save up for an event like that.

Actually, my husband dreamer and I are just intending to hold a dinner for adults on the actual date of her birthday. We will not hold a children’s party yet because my baby cannot appreciate it just yet. Maybe when she is already five years old and is ready to play with other kids, then we will hold a children’s party complete with games and all.

For now, we are preparing for a buffer dinner for family and some close friends. But when we listed them down, the number has reached 120! Would you believe that? But we are trying to trim down the guest list to about a hundred. That’s about it.

We have already reserved the catering and the venue. Hopefully, we can get discounts from them. We will just add dessert and appetizer. I am still thinking about the balloons, whether or not to have them on stage. I am no longer interested about putting a backdrop, that would be additional expense and it will not be used afterwards. So it is a waste of money. We will just have a cake with candles for her to blow and a dinner. No giveaways either.

Something simple. But something memorable with which to remember her first birthday.

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