Planning Our Holy Week Outing

Last night, we had dinner with my husband’s uncles and cousins at Aboy’s Kamalig. Then we started planning our Holy Week getaway.

This time it is gonna be the resort in Langub, Sipalay City, in southern Negros Occidental. While many of the resorts in Sipalay are white sand, this one is black sand and has to be crossed using pump boat. It is not really a separate island but the place is connected to the main land via a small impassable piece of land, that is why it has to be reached by a water vehicle.

We discussed the rates and we learned that a night will cost P1,500 for two persons. But the room can accommodate up to six people and they will just have to pay for extra bed. Cool, at least our whole family can share in the room as well in the expenses. I think what we will get is something like the lanzarote villas where we also have a kitchen.

My sister-in-law, who has been here several times already, said that we will have to bring food and prepare them there because they have kitchen amenities. But I guess we will have to bring our own utensils and maybe a rice cooker.

Now we are excited. It has been a dream of mine to go there for a vacation, or at any beach for that matter, and I guess this will be it. I had not been on a beach vacation for a very long time now and I really miss it. When I was still single, I had often spent some nights in a beach resort with friends and officemates and I total dig the beach. Ahhh….soon, this will happen. I just hope I won’t spend my days cooking! hahaha

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