Popular Bridal Shower Favors in 2015

It seems that 2015 is rife with weddings. Here in the Philippines, we see celebrity couples getting either engaged or married one after the other. The first quarter of the year isn’t over yet but the media is filled with the news of love, love, love from different networks! In our family, we also have a couple of weddings to look out for. 2015 is indeed the year of weddings!

While there are so many pressing national and international issues, it is refreshing to see couples celebrating their love in matrimony. Yeah, news can get depressing but if it is about a wedding, it creates a certain uplifting feeling. Well, I guess I can speak most likely for the ladies, because we get kilig over love stories.

The bridal shower is a very exciting party for the ladies–a time to dress up and exchange gifts. Photo from the internet.

But the wedding day is not just the event when a couple decides to tie the knot. There are bridal showers, stag parties, and family gatherings left and right to think of. But perhaps the party that requires a lot of detail is the bridal shower. It is a special time that the bride to be spends with her best friends–after all, that will be her last as a single lady. Friends are excited to shower the bride with gifts and well wishes and the bride is also excited to give shower favors to her friends as a token of gratitude for their friendship and also for their help during the wedding.

When I browsed online, I found this website called favorwarehouse.com and yeah, as the name suggests, it is your one-stop-online-shop for all kinds of party favors. They have the most popular bridal shower favors in 2015. They have many kinds to choose from. But my personal favorites are these three: the set of Love coasters, designer manicure set, personalized compact sets, and an extra large engagement ring that’s actually a ring holder. I think they are very cute and unique. There are many other personalized stuff there that you can choose from–perfect for all the girls who like kawaii stuff.

Set of 4 LOVE coasters. Damask designed manicure set. Personalized compact sets.

Ring keyholder. Isn’t that cute?
So if you’re planning on holding a bridal shower, check the site out for unique items that you like and will fit your budget.

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