Pregnancy Updates and Others

I will be 7 weeks pregnant this coming Sunday, August 10. I have become picky with food, I can’t just eat anything. I don’t like the smell of food being cooked, especially the smell of something being sautéed. Ugh.

I have to have another ultrasound next week, as the last time, there was no apparent fetal pole despite the being 7 weeks from LMP. It turned out that my baby was formed a little later so the ultrasound showed that the baby (called a sac at this point), was only 5.1 weeks old.

I feel queazy almost everyday, although I don’t really vomit. Ever since I learned I was pregnant, I vomited only twice, which was when I ate half of an apple and chicken marinated in rosemary.

Anyway, today is 08-08-08, or August 8, 2008, or 888. Whatever you call it, there are so many events in our city today. There are weddings and the opening of our local mall called, you guess it, 888 Chinatown Square. Last night, some feng shui expert said that this is a bad day, some said this is a good day. Oh Man! Can’t they even agree on that? I guess that just goes to show that these feng shui predictions are not solid and based on fact. Because even the experts don’t agree.

What I believe is, like in marriage, whether you get married today or not, if God is not the center of the relationship, the marriage is self-serving. And we are the ones who will chart our destinies in the choices that we make.

The 2008 Olympics is also opening today in Beijing, China. As an Asian, I am proud that the Olympics is held in our region. So will this be a lucky day for the players? Well, it will be for the winners, and since there will be losers, people will say that they are unlucky this day. Oh common, give me a break. If they are good, they are good, and they will really excel.

Wishing the Filipino athletes the best! Make the Philippines proud of you!

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