Preparing for Mother’s Day

The other day, my husband and I were talking in the car and he blurted, “Is Mother’s Day this Sunday already?” I replied, “Yeah, why?”

It was then he kinda panicked because he was not able to plan something for me. hihi I think that is just so sweet.

Last year, he took it upon himself to prepare a gift for me on Mother’s Day because naturally, my baby could not yet do it. After all, Dindin is already enough for Mama. But Papa made me a special mommy bracelet that he created by himself. 😀 This was his Mother’s Day gift for me.

It was simple but I was really touched with the gesture and I thought that was so sweet. I wonder what would be his surprise for me this year. 😀 I can’t wait for Sunday! hihihi

I am also excited because this Sunday, I will announcing the winners of my Remembering Mama Contest. It is a contest that pays tribute to Moms all over the world but most especially the woman who bore us and raised us up. Aside from getting links, winners will also get cash prizes. 😀

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