Prepping Our Baby for Camping

We are already thinking of the things or activities that we would like to have with our baby in the future, which is not so far anymore. She is turning a year old in about a month and we really have a lot of outdoor fun in store for her.

One of the things that we would like to do with our baby eventually is camping. We like the outdoors, like taking a hike, holding day trips to the woods, and bird sightings. For now, we are already gathering stuff that we will be needing someday, as buying all of them at once would really be expensive. We already have a day tent, which we now use as a play tent. But eventually, we can use it for our mini day camp. We are also intending to buy a picnic play set that I have seen at SM Supermarket. Although it is a play set, it is of good quality that adults can also use. And we also have our eyes set on some outdoor chairs that we saw at SM Department Store. These are folding chairs that come in adult and kiddie sizes and have very nice colors.

We will really need this eventually as we would like to expose our child to various experiences. We intend to home school her and these outdoor activities will enhance her learning. She will also learn a lot of skills outdoors. We are really excited to spending more time with her in the outdoors and teaching her about different things in nature.

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