Product Review: JML Air Globe Warranty

JML Air Globe

We bought the JML Air Globe last July 2010 because our daughter kept on getting sick with cough and colds. She always needed to undergo the nebulizer. We thought that if our air was fresher in the room, it would help her. And besides, it is really dusty in our bedroom that no matter how much you clean, it 2-3 days, you will see a layer of dust on every surface.

So despite our financial burden because of daughter’s on and off illnesses, we bought one. It costs more than P3000, although they say it is 50% off. The original price, we were told was more than P6,000. Whatever, if it can help my child, why not? So we bought it through credit card, although we don’t have spare money to pay for it. I thought, we can raise up the money to pay for it.

Now, the Air Globe did serve us well. The problem came 2 weeks ago when suddenly it stopped functioning. Only the light was on, but the spinning thing in the middle stopped moving. So we brought it to Ace Hardware at SM City Bacolod where we bought our unit. I think they are an official JML products outlet.

The guy there tried to fix it. It took quite a while so we said maybe we can leave it with him and come back next time. He did tell us that if ever, he might send it to Manila for parts replacement which will take 15 days. Okay fine.

Last October 31, we went there again to check on the status of our unit. We were told that it was not sent yet because they are waiting for the container van to deliver their stocks. They said that they ship all items for repair with their deliveries! Whaattt?? Then that means we will have to wait 15 days for the replacement parts and then another time to wait when they will be having their shipment to Bacolod. That sucks! And to think that when the girl said that they have shipment the following day, I highly doubt it because the following day was Nov. 1 and we all know that it is a holiday. The service is really bad.

I know that companies ship their items for repair with their stocks to save on cost. That happened with hubby’s laptop. But the shipment of that computer company was once a week, so at least we did not wait very long.

My mother wanted to buy a unit of Air Globe for their house but when she learned of their service, she said she would no longer do so. This is not a cheap unit so at least, we thought it would have good service.

So at least you know.

From the JML website, here is a description of the JML Air Globe.

Bringing a breath of fresh air to your indoor environment, Fresh Air Globe’s unique air-cleansing system uses water to clean the air by removing odours, bacteria and replacing lost moisture. This breakthrough in clean air technology will bring you a fresher, more inviting home all year round.

Tobacco, cooking smells and pet odours are neutralised with ease. It’s proven to reduce nuisance odours by up to 80%. Simply add water and the essence of your choice. It also ionises the air to help protect you and your family. The multi-coloured LED light base changes with the touch of a button. For total freshness, use throughout your home and enjoy clean air in every room. The Fresh Air Globe comes with 2 essences; healing eucalyptus and soothing lavender.

* Indoor air-cleansing and purification system
* Ionises the air
* Neutralises odours by up to 80%
* Colour-changing LED mood light base
* Use in the bedroom, bathroom, living room and kitchen
* 2 essential essences included
* Available in pearl or silver
* Mains adaptor included
* Approximate dimensions of unit 21cm x 12cm

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