Proper Dental Health Care

Thank God for a beautiful set of pearly whites. And thank you to my late grandfather who taught me a lot about dental care when I was still young. You see my grandfather (I call him Lolo Moning) was a dental aid then. But at home, he had his dental equipment and dental supplies. He would give my teeth regular cleaning and he was also responsible for my temporary and permanent fillings.

But whenever I have a tooth that needs to be extracted, my Lolo would then bring me to a dentist-friend who would not only remove my decayed tooth but who would also give me money for ice cream. Imagine that!

My Lolo also taught me the proper way to brush, to floss, and also to avoid getting tooth decay, especially for my permanent teeth.

Those were my fond memories with my Lolo. He was not strict but somehow he manage to instill in me the benefits of proper dental health care. Because of his concern on the health of my teeth, I have healthy teeth up to this time.

My brother meanwhile had teeth that grew crookedly. While growing up, my parents had him installed with retainers. It would have been good if at that time Invisalign braces were already available. At least, these kinds of braces do not make the gums sore and they are removable. I wonder how much they cost though.

Now I remember, that is one thing to pray for my daughter. I pray that she will have perfectly aligned teeth so that there will be no concern about braces.

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