Rare Billy the Kid Photo Sells for Millions

I have heard the name Billy the Kid in the past but honestly, I never knew who he was until I read that the only “authenticated Billy the Kid Photograph” sold for $2.3 million. I’m sorry for frowning at such extravagance because I learned about it during the time today that I am crying because I have bills to pay in a few days and do not have much money left in my account. And to think that the guy being celebrated in the photo is not a good guy but a notorious Wild West Gunslinger.

Well, honestly, I guess I am not a collector but I would probably understand paintings, antique furniture, or jewelry, but a photograph? I don’t think I would enjoy looking at his photo–he doesn’t look anywhere like Brad Pitt. Forgive me, but I just don’t understand so violent reactions to this article are most welcome.

The photo was auctioned last weekend and was expected to rake in on $300,000. But Florida billionaire William Koch willingly paid for it with $2.3 million. Ah, Mr. Koch, would you be willing to shell out a couple of thousands of dollars for my payables? Koch is reportedly an energy company executive and collector of American West artifacts.

Anyway, just a little something about Billy the Kid. He was born as Henry McCarty but is also known as William Bonney in New Mexico. He was killed at the age of 22 by Pat Garrett in 1881, hence he was called “kid.”

The authentic photo showed Billy the Kid outside a Fort Sumner, New Mexico saloon some time in late 1879, so he was around 19 or 20 there. He was gripping the barrel of a Winchester carbine while a Colt 45 pistol was strapped to his hip. Well, he was notorious alright but I still don’t understand the value of his photo. LOL

Oh well.

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