Reminiscing Our Worship Team Days

When hubby and I were still dating and didn’t have family responsibilities, we were actively involved in the ministry.

Jesus Revolution was one of the citywide events that Dennis and I attended.

We led cell groups, were part of the worship team, and we attended practically every church-related event not only in church but also around the city of Bacolod. After all, hubby used to work in church.

And I think that a good part of it is that we were young, had a lot of energy, and we didn’t really have children and a home to take care of. We looked out pretty much only after ourselves. Money is not a concern either because we both have jobs, so we can support our activities.

One of the best things that I remembered was the worship time every Sunday when our church still did not have a permanent place to stay and we were just renting out a weekend venue for our Sunday services. The musical instruments were stored at the auditorium of the mother church (Bacolod Trinity Christian Church). During weekdays, the instruments were used by the students who were trying to learn to play instruments. Then on Sundays, about two hours before the service, hubby and the worship team in charge that Sunday would load the instruments and amplifiers into the van. Then hubby would drive service vehicle to the venue of the service, bring up all the stuff to the third floor, and then set them up for the service. After the service, everything was dismantled and brought back to the mother church for storage. Since hubby was the driver and he had to return the van to church before he leaves home, he is usually the last one to go home. But he happily did it.

This practice happened every Sunday for several years until finally, the church had a semi-permanent place to stay.

But now, thinks are different and we can just reminisce about our past.

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