Riding a Horse

G.P. — One of the things that I would like to do is to ride a horse. No, I really do no have dreams of being an equestrian–too expensive. But like a bike, which I know how to handle but am not really a biker..Or a car, which I know how to drive but do not have a license to do, I would also be able to handle a horse like that.

Additionally, I like the look of those horse riders in their cool jackets, hats, and breeches. And wouldn’t it be nice to tame such a big and wild beast like that? Wow!

The nearest thing to horse back riding that I did was to get on top of a pony and having my picture taken. Nope, no galloping there. LOL But well, at least, I got a feel of it. It was scary, though, because I know that I was at the mercy of the horse and I could get trampled upon if I don’t do things right.

Anyway, I hope to be able to learn to ride…like riding a roller coaster that I will live to tell my daughter about.

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