Saving Up for Gadgets

I have been thinking of setting aside a budget each month and allocating it for the purchase and repairs of gadgets. The buying of accessories should also come from there.

You see, we all know that gadgets can conk out anytime even if we handle them with care. So, that is why we should be prepared, especially for those of us whose professions rely on gadgets.

I am currently using a Toshiba laptop that was passed on to me from my brother. But I am thinking getting one of those toshiba netbooks when my daughter starts schooling so that I can just bring it and work while I am waiting for her to finish. That should get me to write while waiting so that I will not waste time. When I come home then that is the time for me to post my articles online. These are just some of the things or adjustments that I need to do when my daughter will start school. And that is the reason why I would like to delay her schooling as much as I can.

Maybe I should start setting aside money for our gadget fund next month. Maybe when Dindin starts schooling then I will be able to buy a new netbook.

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