Searching the Internet for Answers

I am one to look at the internet for answers to my everyday questions. My often resource is Wikipedia, as every time I type something, like the word or issue that I would like to research on, Wikipedia entries are on top of the list. That is why I am really thankful that Wikipedia has raised a lot of money last month for their operations because web surfing would never be the same again without the help of Wikipedia.

Another useful resource that I came across is Yahoo answers. These questions there are asked by people like you and me about certain issues in life and are answered by people who has had experience in the same. Sometimes though, you get humorous or outright silly questions, which of course, warrant the same answers. I really like reading the funny yahoo answers, even just to give me a good laugh at times.

But seriously speaking, when I was pregnant, I had looked up Yahoo answers many times. It was there that I learned that many women experience farting and burping much during conception. I thought I just ate some weird stuff, then it turned out I was actually pregnant. That I learned from Yahoo.

There are other many valuable resources that I read on the net. Some are serious, some are myths, some are outright funny. You will have to be the judge which one you will believe.

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