Second Hand Clothes

As many of you know, I have gained so much weight that I am in shortage of decent clothes in my closet. The aunt of husband, who is currently staying with us as she is manning the store, heard this and when she came back last week from their house, she had these loot for me! There was a maong shorts, and four blouses, including this nice black one in front.

At first I thought that the black blouse was a bit too tight because it looked slim for me, but when I tried it on, it is lovely! I love black blouses and I am so happy that I fit in this one.

Thanks Koko!

6 thoughts on “Second Hand Clothes

  1. Black makes anyone look like they just lost a lot of pounds! 🙂 That’s why I love to wear one. LOL! 😛

    Happy CIB! Here’s my CIB entry this week. ^_^

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