Setting Up a Fun Playground

Ever since I was small, I always wanted to have a playroom inside the house and a playground outside.

The playroom will have lots of racks, cabinets and boxes that will contain all my toys. Outside, the playground will be on top of a bed of velvety green grass and complete with a seesaw, slide, and swingsets. And then I would invite my friends to come and play with me. weeeee

As times passed, I know that it was quite impossible to reach that. I just do not have space. And even though I had my own room at home, it was not big enough and well, I would have to clean all my times at least once a week because it will really gather dust.

But now that I have a child, I buy toys for Dindin but I know that deep inside, I am just fulfilling my fantasy. It is just too bad though for Dennis because we do not have a baby boy. 🙁

We have so many toys now and nowhere to place them all. I would really love a gallery or display case for all of Dindin’s toys. teehee Anyway, I am just happy that we have toys to play with. LOL

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