Simon Helberg Buy Charlie Sheen’s Mansion

This Charlie Sheen Mansion in California was bought by Simon Helberg (inset) of The Big Bang Theory. Photo from

Simon Helberg, or better known as the skinny and horny Howard Wolowitz on the hit geeky TV series entitled The Big Bang Theory, has just bought his dream house for almost $3 million.

But this is no ordinary house. This used to be the mini-mansion of former Two and a Half Men star, Charlie Sheen. Mr. Sheen bought this house for $2.5 million in 2007 when he was still married to Brooke Mueller.

The Master Suite of Charlie Sheen’s mansion. Photo from the internet.

The Mediterranean-style mansion is located near the Griffith Observatory and Mount Hollywood in the Los Feliz neighborhood in California, so it has a pretty nice location. The multi-million dollar mansion sits on a 4,200-square-foot land and has a restored interior with a spacious living room, a formal dining room, and a master suite.

A lot of people congratulated Helberg’s success on The Big Bang Theory that afforded him a property like this. But many are also warning him to disinfect all the parts of the house, especially the master’s bedroom, the bathroom, and the pool. They say that he will need to use gallons of Lysol disinfectant and spray. LOL

You see, Sheen had been known for his wild ways with women. Who knows what has happened behind these walls while he was still living here? haha Or maybe not. But would you leave anything to chance especially if you will let your family live there? So it is wise for Helberg to heed this advice. And well, to change all the beds as well as the sofas, too. hehehe

The outdoor swimming pool may need a change of water. Who knows how many wild parties have been held here? haha And well, the sun loungers can go, too. Photo from the internet.

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