SIPALAY Family Beach Outing on Holy Week

Sipalay beach resort- Langub Beach
Reminiscing the sunset at Langub Beach, Sipalay.

When you miss having a
beach holiday during the rainy season,
you write about your past beach holiday.

We had an early morning swim. We woke Dindin up around 7:30am so that the sun is not so high up when we have our swim. It took a lot of warming up to the water before she enjoyed it.

When I was younger, we NEVER went on a vacation during the Holy Week. It is either we have a church retreat, youth camp, or when I was still a kid, we just stayed at home, bonded as a family, and remembered the occasion as a solemn one. But six years ago when we still only had one child, our little family joined my brother-in-law, his wife, and his extended family on a trip to the gem of the south – SIPALAY CITY.

We left early morning of Maundy Thursday and took the four-hour drive to Sipalay City, a city in the southermost part of the of the province of Negros Occidental, PHILIPPINES. Then we got off a small port where were boarded two small pump boats (one for our party of 7 and the other for our stuff and my brother-in-law, the escort). It was a short pump boat ride that only about 15 minutes. We arrived around 1pm at our accommodation–the FIESTA COVE RESORT in Langub, Sipalay.

Langub Beach Sipalay
We just enjoyed sitting by the beach-relaxing, playing, relishing nature.

It is not a white sand beach, which may be quite unusual in this part of the province because it is literally littered with white sand beaches, but this one looked very clean. Our resort looks like a two-story home on the beach. It only had four rooms on the second floor and a public mess hall and kitchen on the ground floor. It is like a beach front home with a garden, a fence, and a gate. It is really nice and homey. The rooms are clean and air conditioned that even my child was very comfortable. If she ever go in the room, it was difficult to convince her to go out. hehe She was only two years old then.

Above is the entrance to the hotel. The water reaches about 4 meters from the gate during high tide.
Above, this is the mess hall. It is spacious and can accommodate maybe 40 people. We brought our own food that we cooked (my sister-in-law brought their helper). We rented their kitchen, along with the use of the refrigerator, their stove, and their grill. At that time, it was a daily rate of P500.

Below is a photo of our temporary shelter. It had pension house amenities and is very comfortable and clean. And that is the open lawn in front–our Dindin enjoyed playing with bubbles there every night. I cannot tell you how much they cost now but room accommodations back then was only P1,600 per night. And they could still lower it to P1,500 if you opt not to use the television. Cool option, huh?

This is our temporary shelter. It had pension house amenities. Very comfortable and clean. And that is the garden, Dindin enjoyed playing with bubbles there every night. Room accommodation is only P1,600 per night. P1,500 if you opt not to use the television.

In Honor of EARTH DAY

Our family beach outing back then coincided with Earth Day. So what did we do, you may ask? Honestly, we did not have any Earth Day activities, except probably to pick up a few trash on the beach. It is not much really because we have been too busy with our family vacation (taking care of an active toddler at the beach is no easy thing). 🙁

Oh well, but just like we usually do, we do not throw our garbage just anywhere but in designated places. We intentionally teach Dindin that–not expecting her to learn it on her own. It’s a habit that we need to cultivate among our children. So even at this age, let’s say the homeschooling in Bacolod thing is already rolling in our family. 😀

homeschooling in Bacolod
Dindin stayed in this spot for a long time, something uncommon for toddlers. She just observed the waves as they came rolling by.

I am sorry that I don’t have the updated number of this resort for bookings. It was a long time ago. But if you know it, please comment it down below. Thank you!

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