Sneaking a Dinner Date

Selfie shot. Naki-uso hehe

We live in central Bacolod where everything is so near, including restaurants. In fact, there is a real nice cafe next door to us.

But despite that, hubby and I haven’t been on a date for a really long time. I think the last meal that we had just the two of us was when I just gave birth and we bought some stuff for the baby. We found ourselves spending more time that we expected at the mall and so we had to have lunch there.

This time, we thought of arranging the care for the two kids just so we could have some time off. And we did one night last week.

We thought hard where we wanted to have dinner and we settled for a homey Japanese-inspired restaurant not far from we lived. The place was nice and cozy. It was small and there were only a few tables there. Even when the restaurant was filled, the people dining there were talking in hushed tones otherwise even those in the kitchen would hear you. LOL

While there, I told my husband that I will not handle my cellphone (except for the camera so that we can capture the moment and the food) so that we can focus on each other and just be able to appreciate each other’s presence.

All in all, we stayed there for an hour. We wanted to have dessert afterwards however, I felt like going to the bathroom and so we went home directly. The travel time back and forth the house was 30 minutes so in totality, we were away for about an hour and a half. But when we got home, the little one was already inconsolable. LOL

Oh well, it was good while it lasted. Next week, I will ask my husband if we can do this again. But I hope that this time, my tummy won’t act up so that we won’t have to come back home prematurely. hehe

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