Some Longings

My husband really likes gadgets and he likes to play games with them. He loves to surf the net and download all kinds of stuff.

He just likes tinkering with things that I would sometimes look for my Nokia E63 phone and I would catch him playing with it. I think he is only playing with solitaire there, but I guess that is already his “nothing mode” — his nothing moment when he doesn’t need to think so much and just keep himself occupied. That is also his cure for him when he is bored.

One time, I heard him say to his friends that he would really like an iTouch if given the chance. Or better yet an iPad. But he is not insistent because he knows very well that we cannot afford it yet, and even if we do, we still have some things to pay for.

But if we have the extra money, why not? I would love for my husband to have what his heart desires and to make him happy. I would even give him an iTunes Gift Card so that he can download some songs for his new gadget.

Well, sweetie, let us pray that you will get this thing that you like. May God grant you this desire for we both know how God provides for even our whimsiest dreams. Sweet Lord…

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