Sorely Missing Hubby

Hubby and Dindin singing in church for Father’s Day yesterday.

Hubby went to Manila today for a one-week business trip. He will be attending a trade exposition as well as visit our suppliers and buy some stocks.

While he was booking his flight, he was asking me about the flight schedule and if it was okay with me if he stayed there for a week. I thought that’s fine, I’m pregnant but with help, I’m sure I can manage. While he was packing, I told him to buy new shirts for himself. That is really the only time that he goes shopping because there are some good bargains in Manila and well, he is not really thinking about work and us, so he can concentrate on getting some stuff for himself.

However, he told me that he is not really sure what to get because when he was single, my mother in law and his cousins would buy stuff for him–or at least accompany him. So I laughed at him, saying that he is just so dependent on me. As he continued packing, it dawned on me that he will be gone for a whole week and I felt sick and tears began rolling down my cheeks. Suddenly, I felt sad…buhuhuhu I am also too dependent on him. I felt separation anxiety creeping in.

Well, he would travel from time to time but not this long. And most of the time, we are together. I can just call him anytime I need him because he just works at the family owned store downstairs. Even Dindin is missing her Papa badly because we are so used to having him around.

This is the first night. Five more nights to go. God give us strength and comfort. We are just not used to this. This is may be easy to those who live far away from each other, but not for us.

We miss you Papa…very very much!

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