Styling at SPORTS BARBERS Bacolod

So this is me, after the styling at SPORTS BARBERS SM BACOLOD.

For more than a year, I had been sporting a ponytail. Or maybe two years. I can’t remember anymore. I had been contemplating on getting a haircut but I was hoping that if ever I got one, it was going to be a new hairstyle for men — something that I haven’t sported before.

That is why I wanted someone who knows how to style my hair based on my facial features. Then I got the chance to try Sports Barbers at SM Bacolod. I think it was the perfect opportunity for me as I was going to Manila to undergo the orientation of parent-supervisors by the Philippine School of Tomorrow.

My daughter, as you know, is being homeschooled and I thought it would be best for me to put my best foot forward to our provider. I am aware that many people do not like men with long hair.


At Sports Barbers here at SM Bacolod, I was introduced to Errol as my barber. He asked me what kind of haircut I wanted. I told him I don’t know the names of hairstyles so I just asked him what he can suggest. He said he will style my hair according to what suits my facial features, in our dialect, what is bagay.

So this is my long hair and Errol is doing the assessment.


So that’s it, I gave Errol the freedom to style my hair as he sees fit. At first he thought I just wanted to maintain a longer hair style so he was ready to do some trimming and layering. But then I told him that I want a shorter hair style. So he proceeded to do something else.

A friend of mine also came in and sat beside me to be served. He, too, was asked what style he wanted so I guess that is their standard for their customers — or maybe just the new ones. His barber browsed through hairstyles for him to choose from. He said he wanted a change of “face”, too–if their barber can make him look like Channing Tatum. hehe

I am really happy with my new hairdo. And the wife is happy, too, which is most important. I was able to have my Me-Time because the wifey and the kids are also having their girls bonding over a Nailaholics Nail Salon and Spa. My hairstyle is not drastically different from my usual cut but at least this one actually seems to be fine tuned to suit my facial features well.

Enjoying my massage. This is Errol, by the way, of SPORTS BARBERS.

Prices at Sports Barbers

Hair cut at Sports Barbers starts at P280 and it comes with an 8-minute massage. But I also wanted to relax so I had the P300 package that comes with a 30-minute back massage. It was worth it. I also like the fact that they have a nice and comfortable interior, not clinical at all. It’s nothing like your usual neighborhood barber shop. Of course, it comes with the price.

Visit SPORTS BARBERS at the 3rd floor of SM City Bacolod North Wing. They are open during mall hours.

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