Spring Cleaning All Year-Round

We let go of our yaya-helper after 8 months of staying with us. Read the story here: Letting Go of Our Helper-Babysitter. Do read what our helper did to my children. These things can really happen to any one of us. So consider this as a reminder.

So now, I am taking care of my two kids as well as our cleaning our room and our stuff. I do have a part-time helper who cleans our room and bathroom once a week now and who also washes our baby’s clothes, but now that I have cut down on my pursuits, I have given more time to more domesticated tasks.

It started because Dindin couldn’t find some of her toys. That was when I started opening boxes of toys and discovering things that have been forgotten. So I am starting to re-organize things little by little. Like this morning, I have found that our ID pictures are just all over the place so I put them in little brown envelopes that are labeled Papa, Mama, and Dindin.

Next stop are the accessories. I like those little wood craft boxes to store accessories because not only do they hold things together, they look nice, too. teehee

I am a long way from finishing. I have resolved not to buy any more toys for the two kids because we have very little space already. I have set aside some stuff to be thrown or given away. Additionally, if we are going to hold a party next year for the two kids, I will really request for cash gifts or gift certificates in lieu of items because our living and breathing space is getting really crowded. LOL

This is going to be spring cleaning all year round for me. hehe Am I excited? Only when I am not forced to do so.

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