Starting a New Pearl Collection

I have mentioned already in my other blog that I would like to start a collection of pearl jewelry.

And now, I have a chance to add to my collection by joining Jade’s Will Blog for Pearls Giveaway at her blog, Beauty and Fashion Diva Will Blog for Pearls. If I win, this necklace and bracelet set would look good in my collection. Gee, now I am thinking of how to store them. LOL Maybe I need a special case for my pearl collection!

I think I will be frequenting the pearl displays at the SM Department Store because of this new found interest of mine…I mean rekindled…LOL…I have always loved pearls but I think I will indulge myself this time. 😀

Anyway, you can still join Jade’s giveaway because there are still two more days to go. Weeeeeeee I really hope I will win this time because last month, I did not make it. 😀