Starting on the Love Dare

Last Friday, hubby and I watched Fireproof the movie and I was inspired once again. Though this is already our second time, I like the movie very much that I watched it still from beginning to end.

And I am inspired to start the 40-day Love Dare on my husband. I hope to start soon and make it a habit.

While things may be rosy between hubby and me (despite occasional arguments), it is nice to be able to treat him well and special like in the Love Dare. I mean, if we can treat our friends or celebrities or guests nicely, the one person who deserves to be distinguished is our other half.

And I have resolved to do it to Dennis. Hopefully, not just for 40 days…I would encourage you to journey with me and also to do it to your own spouses. Here’s to my marriage…and our marriages!

And oh, Happy Valentine’s Day!

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