Staycation: Going on a Weekend Picnic


I am so excited for our weekend trip to my parents’ house this coming Saturday. My husband and I planned to have a weekend picnic with our daughter in the afternoon where we will lay down a mat on the grass lawn and partake of sandwiches. They maybe we can have barbecue for dinner.

Then my mother decided to invite some of our friends over–two couples and their children–so this is going to be a simple yet really fun weekend getaway. This one is one of our cheap weekend breaks. We don’t have a lot of money to spare because it seems that no matter how much I try to fix our finances, there seems to be something new to pay for.

I thought I have paid the last of our big bills but then again I got a new bill that says I have to pay more than P5,000 by November 15 and another P5,000 something by end of November. This is really a problem as I don’t have a big amount that I am looking forward to receiving this month. Only God knows where I will get the money this time. I know that He provides, but I really would like to live blessed under His provision, not always running after my bills. And I have one immunization for our daughter that is coming up and it costs P3,500. Whew!

But anyway, despite the financial problems, we will not let it get in the way in having a nice weekend. It can be cheap, but it is going to be fun! Oh God please don’t let it rain on Saturday! Thank you, Lord.

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