Studying in Other Countries

I wonder why it seems I have been burned with going to school. I never liked the idea of taking a masters degree or worse, a PhD. They do not seem enticing for me.

I am very lazy when it comes to schoolwork and studying and it might be a wonder that I graduated with honors in college.

But if there is anything that I want to do and that is to study culinary arts. We already have a good school here in Bacolod but of course, that would mean money. And I cannot just do that because I have a child to take care of and her needs are more important. Maybe someday, I can pursue it.

I also would like to study another language. While Chinese is being spoken at home, I am not forced to learn it because my family talks to me in the local language. But I would really like to learn Spanish. My grandfather is a pure Spaniard and I would like to learn his language by going to one of the Spanish Schools in Barcelona. I like ’em authentic, yeah!

I read in a magazine that actress Cindy Kurletto is studying the Spanish language in Peru and I am like, wow! She is there as a student! If only I could afford to do that. It is either she must have earned a lot while in showbusiness here in the Philippines or that she comes from a really good family that can afford her such. Cool!

Well, I am already married with different priorities so these dreams will take a back seat for the moment. But I hope that in the future I will get to do these things.

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