Stylist Alee Benson Finds True Love and Eternal Life

Celebrity stylist Alee Benson of Bacolod City shares his story about discovering eternal life and finding true love.

The Testimony of Celebrity Stylist Alee Benson

Despite his fame and status in the Philippine beauty industry, people do not know much about this self-made man. Here’s his journey.

celebrity stylist alee benson - testimony - Bacolod blogger - Look and Learn Makeup Tutorial - beauty ministry - faith and transformation
Alee shares his testimony during one of the sessions of Look and Learn Makeup Tutorial in Bacolod City.

Alee was born in Bacolod City and grew up in poverty. His family lived in a shanty that was attached to the wall of the old Coca-Cola plant at Lacson Street.

“We were beyond poor,” Alee recalls. Because of poverty and a dysfunctional home, he would rather stay out to find his luck. He started hanging out at a beauty parlor, sweeping the floor and doing odd jobs for the staff. Earning a few pesos each day encouraged him to stick around.

Learning New Skills

Observing how the gays worked in the parlor, Alee discovered that he also had the talent for hair styling. “I can make you pretty just with my hands,” he confidently says.

Alee Benson home studio - Bacolod blogger - Bacolod wedding host Chaela Mirano
Bacolod wedding host Chaela Mirano gets beautified for one of her events by Alee Benson at his home studio.

His yearning to earn more and get out of poverty pushed Alee to learn new skills. Moving to Manila, he studied techniques on make up, hair styling, and other tricks of the trade. Moreover, he learned about overall fashion styling.

Tasting Tremendous Success

With hard work, perseverance, and determination, success indeed came. “I was earning as much as PhP50,000 a day just by doing hair and make-up,” Alee recalls.

Eventually, Alee was able to put up a salon bearing his name at the swanky Renaissance Tower in Ortigas. He emphasizes that it’s not just a beauty parlor but a successful salon operations frequented by celebrities and socialites. Eventually, he became to be known as the celebrity stylist Alee Benson.

homosexuality and faith - Bacolod hair and makeup artist - Bacolod blogger - marriage and relationships - wedding day - bridal makeup by Alee Benson - wedding stylist
Alee works his magic touch on a Bacolod bride to glam her up for her wedding day.

Meanwhile, he learned more skills and gained more clients. “I became more influential to my friends. I became somebody they looked up to and my opinion was sought after. Honestly, it made me feel good and important,” he adds.

Decadent Lifestyle

However, with success also came the vices and decadent lifestyle. He got into drinking alcohol, taking addictive drugs, and got into relationships with men. “I lived the homosexual lifestyle, influenced perhaps by the people I hanged out with. But these were the people who embraced me, who loved me,” he said.

Alee felt that he was becoming really important in the fashion and beauty industry. “I was being sought-after for photo shoots and was part of a reality TV show,” he narrates. Being so in-demand meant less time for rest. Alee felt that he needed to take more drugs in order to up hi energy and push his physical boundaries. Sadly, the more successful he became, the deeper he got dependent on drugs to keep him going.

The Wake Up Call

One hectic morning, Alee encountered a near-death experience. After being awake for four straight days with only the drugs fueling his system, his face became numb. There were palpitations so strong that he could hear his heart pounding. “I really thought I was going to die,” he recalls.

At that point, Alee realized that he did not want to die yet. He went to Facebook in order to look for inspirational messages and bible verses. “I read them aloud, hoping that they would calm me down like a magic potion. But they did not,” Alee says, remembering his panicked state.

In his desperation, he reached out to a client-friend who always told him that she was always praying for him. Alee met with his friend where she prayed over him. “I could not understand what was happening so I just kept on crying. I think I wept for about three hours. This has never happened to me before. She shared Jesus. I have heard about Jesus before. I know there is a Jesus who was a baby during Christmas and was crucified during holy week,” he tells.

“But this is a different Jesus. I felt that this Jesus loved me, accepted me, and stretched out his arms to embrace me.” Alee then went home and opened the Bible that was given by a client years before. He started reading from the book of Genesis. “I read that God created man and woman, God created Adam and Eve, not Adam and Steve. God’s word convicted to stop my homosexual lifestyle,” he says. That was in November 2014.

True Love and a Lifetime Partner

Alee knew that he wanted to change his lifestyle because of his newfound love for God.

But he bargained with God. In prayer, “I told God that if He wanted me to change, He should also give me a wife and a partner, because I might just go back to my old ways.”

And indeed, the Lord honored Alee’s request. “He gave me Ching.” They have been happily married for several years now.

Alee and Ching Benson wedding day - beautiful bride - Bacolod blogger
Alee with statuesque wife Ching during their wedding.

Alee sold his salon and retired from 17 years of high-flying life in Manila. He turned from his homosexual relationships and quit using drugs, which he considers a miracle.

Spiritual Support

When Alee and his wife came home to Bacolod in 2015, they were introduced to people who now mentor them in their spiritual journey. These people are instrumental in helping them have deeper understanding of God’s word.

celebrity stylist alee benson - wife ching benson - homosexuality and faith - Bacolod hair and makeup artist - Bacolod blogger - marriage and relationships
Alee and Ching work together for God’s glory. They are partners at work, in love, and life.

“There are verses, chapters, and stories that made me cry. I do not understand why. Later, I understood that it was the Holy Spirit talking to me through the Bible,” he remembers.

Alee kept reading the Bible to see what else God wants to tell him. “I used to be a drug addict. Now, I am a Bible addict. The Bible gives me a certain high that drugs never gave me. I want to read more, I want to know more, I want to feel God more.”

Beauty Ministry

In the past three years, Alee witnessed how the Lord has transformed him. Life has never been the same for him. Through Matthew 6:33, God told Alee to “seek first his kingdom and his righteousness, and all these things will be given to you as well. “

celebrity stylist alee benson - wife ching benson - homosexuality and faith - Bacolod hair and makeup artist - Bacolod blogger - marriage and relationships - Look and Learn Hair and Makeup Tutorial - beauty ministry
A session of Look and Learn Makeup Tutorial. Here, Alee teaches about hairstyling and makeup application. He also shares the products and cosmetics that he finds effective.

At present, Alee has a home studio at Block 3 Lot 49 Lessandra Heights, Camella Homes in Mandalagan, Bacolod City. He accepts clients by appointment. Follow his FB page: Alee Benson Artistry

celebrity stylist alee benson - wife ching benson - homosexuality and faith - Bacolod hair and makeup artist - Bacolod blogger - marriage and relationships - Look and Learn Hair and Makeup Tutorial - beauty ministry
Alee in action showing ladies how to style their long hair for a casual chic look.

Additionally, he holds a regular Look and Learn Makeup Tutorial his beauty ministry. It is held every second Thursday of the Month at Cafe Across at Rolis Arcade La Salle. This is his way of sharing his skills and experience as well as his testimony of how the Lord changed his life.

On Sundays, Alee and his wife Ching serves in the children’s ministry of the Bacolod Trinity Christian Church.

Look and Learn Makeup tutorial - daughters - beauty ministry - Alee and Ching Benson - Bacolod Trinity Christian Church - sunday school teachers
Alee and Ching with our daughters during one of his classes that they attended. These girls are the couple’s Sunday School students at Bacolod Trinity Christian Church.

What a heartwarming testimony for the Lord! Indeed the past does not define us. When we follow the Lord’s call, He is going to use our testimony as a powerful tool for the gospel.

Bacolod blogger Sigrid Says - Alee Benson beauty ministry - makeup tutorial
Bacolod blogger Sigrid Says with Alee Benson. Apparently with my look, I haven’t gone under his magic fingers. hahahaha

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  1. This is not mainly about conversion from homosexuality. But mostly about finding real, or true meaning to life. When you find God and the Savior Jesus, you are like turning to the Designer of a gadget for the proper way to operate your gadget instead of figuring things out on your own and most likely void its warranty. Our Creator should be consulted. He desinged our being so He knows best how our life should go.

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