Superhero Dad

For our daughter Dindin, her Papa is her superhero, her prince, and the all-around Mr. Fixer in the house. haha One time, she saw a photo of Man of Steel actor Henry Cavill wearing a Superman costume and she asked, “Is that you, Papa?” Her Papa answered, “What do you think? Is that me?” She said, “Yeah, I think that’s you.”

Yeah, she has such high regard for her Papa–a bloated sense of perception–and I love it. Yes, it is my desire that my daughter look up to her father as the head of our family. Soon, we will have another daughter and well that would make two princesses adoring their father. I love the thought!

I guess this is my tribute to my husband on this month when we set aside one day to celebrate Father’s Day. 😀 And boy, we miss him so much!

Papa and Dindin with their superhero shirts. Dindin’s shirt says, “I’m with my Superdad.” How apt. hihihi

By the way, if I have one dream vacation for our family, that would be to go to Paris and stay in one of those paris luxury apartment parisluxe. Well, someday…someday. I hope. And hope. 😀

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