Suri Cruise Tantrum in a Helicopter

Suri Cruise Tantrum in a chopper
Hollywood mega-child Suri Cruise throws a tantrum inside a chopper

Tom Cruise and wife Katie Holmes are trying to give the best that they can to their only child, Suri Cruise, who is now five years old. They give everything that money can buy and they also try to squeeze in some quality time with her in between their work.

But it seems that Suri is growing up to be a spoiled brat, as reported by many showbiz magazines and tabloids in America.

Anyway, in the photo above, Suri threw a really bad fit for some time prior to boarding this black helicopter. In the next photo we know why.

Suri Cruise threw a tantrum because of her lost security blanket

Apparently, she misplaced her security blanket. But a nice staff (it was not clear whose staff he was) gave Suri back her blanket and she was immediately appeased. Wow, these guys with Transportation Attendant Jobs must be trained to take care of the whims of little princesses, eh?

But one surprising thing is that the whole time that Suri was having a tantrum, Katie’s facial expression remained the same. My husband Dennis wondered allowed why Katie has become expressionless. Oh well. She is like Victoria Beckham who maintains that no-smile look. Didn’t they know that smiles and laughter are good for the facial muscles?

Below are a couple of Suri photos in her grumpy self. She has quite a lot of them circulating on the internet. It seems like she is always having a temper tantrum. I wonder how she will be when she grows up?

Suri Cruise seems to be always caught on cam in a bad mood. Is Katie Holmes’ no-smile policy affecting her child?

6 thoughts on “Suri Cruise Tantrum in a Helicopter

  1. Suri has always been a brat – will grow up as a brat – and will always be one. I won’t be surprised if she ends up as one heck of a Lindsay Lohan if not worse. The tantrums are – sure – because she’s a kid, but at the same time – the snarky remarks – the mean faces – that’s just plain RUDE – and no matter what “religion” this people have, it says so much about how they are as parents.

    1. The article says that Katie never smiles but in both of the pictures above, she is smiling. Whatevs. Post some pics of her stoic face if that’s what your gonna write about.

      1. Additionally, the man giving her the blanket is their head of security. He has been in the pics w/ Suri since she was a baby. Just fyi.

  2. thanks for the comment moi. yeah, reading about them once in a while makes me wonder what kind of parents tom and katie are. their principles are quite weird as compared to what “common” people usually follow.

  3. Guys, just hear me out. Every time this little girl steps outside she is bombarded with a gazillion blinding camera flashes in spite of any attempt made by her bodyguard to get it to stop. And not only that. Possibly the worst thing is the fans scream, scream to high heaven (just so, so rude), and no one I’ve seen has even tried to control that. Her ears hurt her eyes hurt, her feet hurt (no, not because of the unhigh heels she sometimes wears), just from the day itself, and certainly by the time her mom and dad are ready to stop doing whatever they think they’re doing that is more important than getting her to bed at an age appropriate time for her (as is suggested by many pictures I’ve seen…her parents stay out late doing “adult” things and she’s only given a few toys, yes the annoying blanket is among them).

    Yes that blanket needs to be gone for good; I’m quite irritated by it myself even though it’s probably her favorite thing she gets to take with her. What I’m getting at is…she wants to stay at home. People who think she gets everything she wants are in fact wrong. As much as she clearly loves her adorable outfits and her dollies and whatever of her favorite small stuffed animal toys, she does not want to be going out like this necessarily at all. But she has to. Tom and Katie really need to not do what they are doing. But publicity for Tom, since he alone is apparently not enough anymore to generate any fuss at all much less the overabundance of attention Suri gets simply by existing, is the most important thing. He is clearly using her, and Katie is going along with it, and that is what’s the worst part of all this.

    She gets carried by her mom or dad because she can hide her face from the photographers. She covers her ears because people scream when they see her. Yes, ear piercing screams far outshining what such a little girl is capable of if she’s having a
    fit about a toy, etc. On that note…the tantrum in the toy store…Has anyone noticed there’s a huge stuffed toy dog in the foreground near the window? I can’t help but wonder whether that huge toy was what she wanted. She looks in it’s direction during the tantrum.

    I suppose she could also just be being self conscious and looking in the direction of the window because she knows that, as always, she’s getting photographed every single moment she’s seen out of her home/hotel, etc. As for the huge dog toy it would have been to big, and it may not even have been for sale. Not that the store wouldn’t part with it and be happy to part with it since it’s Suri Cruise. Thing would have been too bulky to carry around for the rest of the day at any rate.

    Helicopters are dangerous. They are very hard to maneuver compared with small planes. And yes they are very loud, and when the propeller is on it is hard to get inside because the air is made very windy if you’re standing anywhere near it. They shouldn’t be using a helicopter. So on top of everything else…how much can this little girl take before breaking down. She’s going to be too heavy to carry before long and will then insist upon her blanket perhaps to cover her face and ears. I wouldn’t blame her if that turns out to be the case. It’s as if she’s bound by contract Tom Cruise to be paraded around the way she is.

    But…do I feel sorry for her?….hell no. I think she’ll be ok. She just has a life different from anyone elses. Under the circumstances she behaves unbelievably well. She’s a smart kid, and I think she’ll work it out with time.

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