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Ways to Get Through the Heartbreak of Divorce

How do you get through the heartbreak of divorce when everything seems to be so chaotic?

Samgyeopsal Date at Home During Quarantine

Ever since the Enhanced Community Quarantine (ECQ) to combat Covid-19, we haven’t gone out. Instead, I resorted to homecooking to bring excitement to family meal times. One time, we had a samgyeopsl date for lunch in honor of the K-Dramas that we have been watching lately.

Undecided to Watch The World of the Married Korean Drama

A new show has hit a nerve among middle aged women– The World of the Married Korean Drama. And here are the reasons why I am undecided to proceed watching it.

LeAnne Rimes at the Baseball Game of Her Husband’s Children

I like LeAnn Rimes as a singer. But lately, I have read how she “stole” Eddie Cibriani–husband of Real Housewives Of Beverly Hills star, Brandi Glanville. Although I am not really sure about the whole story, honestly, I lost respect. It was reported that at a party, LeAnn even flirted with Eddie while the former […]

Dermot Murnaghan is Two-Timing

This is what tabloids are shouting. Dermot Murnaghan, 54, married and with kids, is a well-loved British newsreader. Recently, he was caught on cam having tender scenes with his makeup artist, Camilla Tew, 31, in the park. Though I try to maintain “no judgments” rule, it is hard not to think that these two have […]

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