family outing


A Flat Tire on a Windy Day

I found this photo in our archives. This happened some time in February of 2013, so about 2 years and a half years ago. We only had Dindin back then. Or maybe I was already pregnant with Siobe. We went out one Sunday afternoon to meet with a friend. It was a fine afternoon, a […]

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Eating Out Once a Week

My husband and I now try to make it a point to go out once a week. Sometimes we just go out by ourselves but at other times we bring Dindin along. Thank God that He has blessed us with a little extra so that we can already afford these once a week treats and […]

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Excited to Take a Break

I am sooooo excited to take a break tomorrow. I had been working so hard this week that I have not slept earlier than 2am and I am awake the whole day as well. Although I still have a lot of work, I also think that I need to rest my mind, my eyes, and […]

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