household chores

Home Improvement

Of Love and Scrubbing Toilets and Bathrooms

On Saturday afternoons, we usually go out to spend time with the kids. If we choose to stay at home, we have an activity that we do together, even if it’s just watching a video and sharing some snacks. But today, since my weekend helper was absent, I had no choice but to take on […]

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I Badly Need a Cleaning Lady

The dust in our bedroom is just too much! So I badly need a cleaning lady! We occupy only one bedroom and one toilet and bath in my in-laws’ house. And that is all I need to take care of. Sounds easy, right? Well, not really, if you work at home more than 16 hours […]

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Marital Issues

A Husband’s Help

As with every wife, I think that everyone appreciates help in doing household chores. And I am just very thankful that although we don’t have a maid, my husband is very helpful. My hubby and myself both have grown up with having maids or baby sitters in the house all his life. But when we […]

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