loving husband


Battling Depression With a Movie Date to Watch G.I. Joe: Retaliation

Today, I felt kind of weepy again. I woke up with a bad mood because of a couple of bad dreams. That was the start of the downward spiral of my day. I kept crying till after lunch. Not good for me and the baby inside my womb. So hubby took me out for a […]

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Marital Issues

Loving Him as He Is

Today, as I spent time with God, the song “Beloved” sprang to mind. I sang it for awhile and then stopped when I reached this part–“You loved me as I am…” Then I thought, it can also pertain to me, my husband, and other people–to love them as they are for God also loved me […]

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Some Longings

My husband really likes gadgets and he likes to play games with them. He loves to surf the net and download all kinds of stuff. He just likes tinkering with things that I would sometimes look for my Nokia E63 phone and I would catch him playing with it. I think he is only playing […]

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