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  • Learn More About the Common Causes of Divorce

    Let’s look at the most common causes of divorce and why divorce rates are skyrocketing.

  • Hubby Wins His First Blog Award

    Many people think that I am the only writer in family. I may be the factory of articles, but for creative writing, little do people know that it is hubby who has the flair with words. His first blog award just re-affirms my encouragement to him that he should write more as a Bacolod blogger.

  • Ways that Money Can Work for You

    It is good to read books about things you are interested in or passionate about. If it is about money, a good book to read would be those written by Robert Kiyosaki. While some might say that Mr. Kiyosaki may not exactly be a success story, but at the very least, pick the things that […]

  • Planning Your Financial Freedom for the Future

    It is natural for all of us to desire financial freedom. Money is a felt need of humans. But achieving financial freedom means living a life without having to work for a living and yet money comes pouring in. It is letting money work for you instead of you working for your money. But sadly, […]

  • Fix Your Finances After Bad Credit Loans

    If you have had bad credit and had to make bad credit loans in order to get through, don’t feel bad or ashamed. The richest people do make loans and some even had bad credit. They even have bigger loans to pay for because they also have bigger debts. The question is, what do you […]

  • Buying in Big Packs at the Supermarket vs. Retail Buying

    Many Filipinos buy grocery items in small packs at the sari-sari store. They think that they get to save with it because they are buying only what they can afford. But in reality, you waste money in buying small packs because the bigger packs are actually cheaper when you compute it. Yes, you shell out […]

  • When Times Are Hard

    Times are truly tough economically. Most people do not really experience an increase in income but there is a constant increase in expenditure. No wonder that there is difficulty in getting by and many things for the family are sacrificed. That is why the shrewd homemaker holds the family’s purse strings like a security guard. […]

  • Forex Trading Opportunity

    G.P. — Looking for fast growing business where money is easy to earn, trading is definitely the business to try. However, not all trading industries offer that gallant output. Rather, it all depends on the trader on what kind of strategy she would like to use in order to get success in the field. Forex […]