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Travel and Leisure

Pearls from Davao

For the love of pearl jewelry I have traveled to Davao City several times in the past and every time I am there, I make sure that I visit that market selling local stuff–from beaded accessories, to hand-woven tapestries, and of course, pearls! These are some of the things that Davao is famous of, aside […]

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Starting a New Pearl Collection

I have mentioned already in my other blog that I would like to start a collection of pearl jewelry. And now, I have a chance to add to my collection by joining Jade’s Will Blog for Pearls Giveaway at her blog, Beauty and Fashion Diva Will Blog for Pearls. If I win, this necklace and […]

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Marital Issues

My Preference for Pearl Jewelry

I like different kinds of jewelry. I like diamonds, gold, ruby (though I have yet to own a set) and pearls because each one has a different effect to the wearer. I think that diamonds and rubies are very elegant while pearls are very dainty and delicate. Last month, thanks to Jade of Diva Fabulosa […]

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