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Why Finding The One Can Be So Stressful

Finding the one for you, the right person who can be your suitable partner, can sometimes be a stressful thing–especially if you do it online.

Sa Lahat ng Simbahan Pre-Nuptial Photography | Lian and Adrian

One of the most unique pre-nuptial photography themes to have is Sa Lahat ng Simbahan, which a newlywed Bacolod couple gave to life. Read the story of TV personality Adrian Bobe and beauty queen Lian Enumerable.

Holding Hands While Walking

By now, you already know that I am a hopeful romantic–alright I was hopeless romantic before but then I found my Prince Charming so please just allow me, okay? haha Anyway, last Friday, I went out to the supermarkets to pick up our half-month supplies. Then my husband joined me so that we both could […]

Katie Holmes Files to Divorce Tom Cruise

I almost choked on my coffee this morning when I read that Katie Holmes filed to divorce her superstar husband Tom Cruise last Thursday, just days before his 50th birthday. And it seems that Tom was blindsided by her decision. Holmes was last seen in public last Thursday while shopping with her daughter Suri. She […]

Billionaire Marries Fifth Bride at 94

A billionaire tycoon from Austria named Karl Wlaschek, 94, is set to marry his fifth wife soon (though some are saying that they are already married). His fiancee, Friederike ‘Ricki’ Schenk, will not reveal her age but she is definitely much younger, but not so young either. She is probably in her 60s right now. […]

Romance in the Marriage

When two people start dating, it is all about the romance and attraction. Some of these relationships end in weddings while some just reach an end. But when marriage sets in, things change. Here are some of the reasons why romance fizzles out in marriage: 1. Priorities. It seems that when two people get married, […]

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